Monday, December 13, 2010

Hoffmaestro & Chraa - Round It Goes

It's pretty unique case when you're reading about ska release on our blog but it means something!
Hoffmaestro & Chraa is not so fresh formation in Swedish music, they debuted already in 2005 being shot in film "Stockholm Boogie" and releasing EP and debut album "The Storm" that brought them some noteable hits like "Seize the day", "Young dad", "Desperado", "Highway Man". Though the band is presented as group playing ska-music it's difficult to put some label on them as you can catch some reggae-vibes, country-touch and even listen some soul-stuff from them. Among inspiration sources of Hoffmaestro & Chraa they mention Funkadelic, Manu Chao, Dr. John, Guns N' Roses, David Ruffin and Beastie Boys.
This Spring they came back with brand new album "Skank-a-tronic Punkadelica" and again it's compilation of much more different directions than you can expect from ska-band. In the end of October they released single "Round It Goes" that turned to be radio-hit and happily we noticed them with this great track.
"Round It Goes" is positive Summerish track with expectable from this band miх of ska and raggae sound but the most important is amazing uplifting tune exploding with trumpets in chorus jumping, spreading energy, life and happiness. Below you can check studio-version and live-performance.

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