Thursday, December 2, 2010

Idol-2010: on the road to the final

Next week final of Idol-2010 will be held in Stockholm's Globen and who will take part in final duel will be decided already this week. It was revealed today that winning song is written by Christian Walz who will participate in Melodifestivalen-2011 and three left Idol-contestants have already recorded their studio-versions of this song.
Unfortunately we haven't got neither full video nor superb quality performances on youtube like we used to but thankfully we've got some to judge what happened on the show. Quite weird that second show there are no performances of Linnea on youtube. Does it mean anything? I guess it doesn't mean no one is interested in her but why don't we have performances of the most spectacular artist of Idol-2010 on youtube?!
However I should reveal from the beginning this week we've lost Linnea who has got to duel with Minnah and hasn't stood the fight. Big loss for the contest but there were no weak contestants left. But Minnah, let's check what she was about. First she performed new hit from Bruno Mars' "Just the way you are" that could't be called weak but wasn't any close to some Minnah's previous highlights. Next song Heart's "Alone" supposed to be more proper for Minnah's voice and this time she did everything as strong as it had to be with great rock-manner in choruses and amazing schlager-attitude. Olle seemed to be another lucky with song choise. U2's "Beautiful Day" sounded not less explosive than in Eddie Razzaz's performance year ago, though sometimes it felt like Olle fought with his voice and moving from weak place to perfect one. Another Olle's cover was for Coldplay's "Fix you" - already his second on the show and again it has got a huge audience reaction. Contest's favorite Jay Smith performed Simple Minds' ballad "Don't you forget about me" that suited his massive rock-voice perfectly and has shown what we should expect from winning performance in Globen next week. Gaga's "Bad Romance" unexpectedly sounded not so interesting, probably we've heard too many covers of this song so it sounded not more than stable.
Second compilation of Idol was already released and here you can check whole tracklist, most interesting tracks in my opinion are Minnah's "Piece Of My Heart", Linnea's "Hope There's Someone", Alice's "Breakaway", Elin's "Hang With Me", Jay's "Heart-Shaped Box", Daniel's "High and Dry" and Linda Varg's "Iris". Have I listed too much? Because tracklist is truly great!

Minnah Karlsson - Just The Way You Are
Minnah Karlsson - Alone
Olle Hedberg - Beautiful Day
Olle Hedberg - Fix You
Jay Smith - Against all odds
Jay Smith - Bad Romance

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Decidedly, this program goes around the world! we have almost all countries, thank you for this release Swedish and good weekend ... JPaul