Friday, July 9, 2010

New videos from Martin Stenmarck, Basic Element and Hur Högt?

Last days we've got 3 videos from different artists of different genres which I'd like to present you.
Martin Stenmarck has shot video for his last cover-single "Everybody's Changing", very pleasant video with Martin wandering around empty amusement park and playing sad clown.
Another video is for the last Basic Element's "Got U Screaming" and it's actually cut of band's performances in Sweden, Poland and Russia, not bad, sometimes it's interesting to get such videos to see what artists are about in their live performances.
Third video is from new rap-project Hur Högt? (How high?) containing Näääk, Nimo, Adiam Dymott and Thomas Rusiak, guys are planning their debut album later this year and right now we're getting this nice video of band relaxing at picnic and eating crayfish till giant crayfish monsters coming out from the water with revenge to Hur Högt? and all the rest of humanity.

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