Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's a cruel, cruel summer...

I'm staying quite nasty blogger these days. It's such a weird thing though - every last day on some of my favorite blogs I see bloggers writing about how much they are currently loaded with work, what is it? Maybe just this heat slowing us down?
Well, however not to leave you too bored and to turn you on a bit I'd like to share with you some nice mixes you'd spend this hot Summer along with.
First of all I should mention Soundfactory's best work for last 2-3 years at least. It's made for Linda Pritchard's last single "Miracle" and it's just brilliant with fantastic beat that we could expect from Von Der Burg's team, great scandi-dance bass line, play with Linda's amazing vocal, anthemic choir in the middle eight, totally ecstatic, check it!

Another worth listening mix that I would recommend to you is for Jenny Berggren's last single "Here I Am" made by Sthlm Sound Facility (songwriting team behind the song), very nice trance-work.

Pandora released Euroversion of her currently promoted "You Believed" and this time exactly what you could expect from eurodance-queen - powerful, energetic and very danceable.

Nexx has released in Sweden "Paralyzed" one of songs from their album "Synchronize Lips" in remixed version from DJ Andi. Sounds quite Romanian dance-pop that's sure a good thing (oh, is DJ Andi Romanian? Then I've guessed right!).

Basshunter's new hit "Saturday" has got Almighty treatment as great as Almighty can make. Hope it'll finally convince the world that this song deserves to become hugest hit of Basshunter though it's already widely played across Europe and #21 of UK chart isn't bad at all.

Also you should taste Therese' Alesso remix for "Drop It Like It's Hot" and check fragment of this gorgeous lady's recent performance, isn't she lovely?

And finally don't forget to listen Mohombi's new Chuckie mix for "Bumpy Ride", it's very-very nice as well.

This week Stockholm is full of different music events connected with Stockholm Pride. So everyone who will visit Swedish capital these days will be able to see Sarah Dawn Finer, Linda Bengtzing, Christer Sjögren, Pauline, Rebound, Le Kid, Titiyo, Marit Bergman, Sibel, Jenny Silver, NEO, Hanna Lindblad, Safura, Hera Björk, Lena Meyer-Landrut (not announced officially yet but quite obviously), Therese Grankvist, Anna Maria Espinosa, CC & Lee, Love Generation, Jonathan Fagerlund, Sandra Dahlberg, Ankie Bagger and many-many others. So we're waiting for some live performances leaking soon on youtube.
Cheers friends! Swedish Stereo's turning to a normal working mode very soon.

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Paul said...

i am loaded down with work. But i probably shouldn't harp on about it. it's hardly scintillating reading is it?! This bevvy of wonderful tunes has proper cheered me up though :)

Poster Girl said...

We'll take what we can get from you, Damian!

YouTube is, for some reason, loading suuuuper slowly for me recently, but the parts of these remixes that have played so far have been very good. I'll say more once they're done loading.

JP.M said...

Miracle "!!!!! really good songs, ca moves well, it's summer, it's still hot in Nice, thank you for all these good titles and soon.
Jpaul in France ...

Damian said...

Glad I've managed to share some energy with you Paul, hold on dude it's almost Friday! ;)

I promise I'll try to give more in a very near future PG :) Hope you'll like this collection, I'm still hunting for Le Kid's Mercy Mercy Stay The Mix, Eric Saades' Break Of Dawn Le Family mix and Jenny Silver has just released mixes for A Place To Stay so I'll need to talk about them later.

JP I'm incredibly happy to discoer Miracle for you, Linda Pritchard is the artist who deserves world-wide fame, unfortunately Miracle is totally ignored in Swedish charts, I don't have a clue what's going on and why Sweden underrates Linda anytime - on Idol, with her debut Fast Car, then on Melodifestivalen and again, I really hope that Universal won't give up about her however.