Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jenny vs. Ace Of Base

Recently pop-blogs all over the web with a huge excitement announced about brand new song Mr. Replay by new Ace Of Base consisting of the same male part - Jonas Berggren and Ulf Ekberg and two young female vocalists Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson. It was hard to believe for me that it's official thing as the song sounded too much...hmmm, close to roots of Ace Of Base back in the 90s. Also thanx for the tips to scandipop we could hear the clips of new AOB music on party with Ulf's participance. That stuff was also surprisingly close to AOB roots so my fears that "Mr. Replay" was a fake seemed to be in vain. I'll remind you that Jenny Berggren who recently started her solo-career was twitting a lot that Ace Of Base is she and guys and there can't be any other staff under their name, but finally rumours which were going around long time was approved and new Ace Of Base came out under the light of press. Ulf told Aftonbladet that they didn't see Jenny in the studio two years and "Mr. Replay" is demo-version of new Ace Of Base song that will be released on their new album.
Jenny is touring right now around Sweden and preparing her debut solo-album "My Story" that will be released on September 15th. You can check some her performances on Bingolotto and acoustic live performance of debut solo-single "Here I Am" and other stuff below.
So what are you more excited about - debut album of Jenny or debut album of new Ace Of Base?

Jenny Berggren - Here I Am (Live on Bingolotto)
Jenny Berggren - The Sky Proclaims Your Glory (Live)
Jenny Berggren - I Turn To You (Live)
Jenny Berggren - Ravine (Live)

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Stella said...

Ace of base is not ace of base without Jenny

JP.M said...

Hello to all of France, I loved the group "Ace of Base" and they had a big success here at the time.
Thank you and goodbye.
ps: I am in contact with the webmaster of the official website of "oh Fibes Fibes" for a project on them but nothing certain, then, to follow, kiss to everyone JP.M

Damian said...

It's difficult to argue about it Stella, now Ace Of Base for me also is totally new project and I don't know yet if it's good or bad but I think it's better to get something from guys and Jenny than just to wait for some new stuff for years, don't you think so?

Oh yes JP I think they were one of the biggest European stars in 90s, Russia was also totally into them and they really deserved it making absolutely brilliant stuff.
It's a great news about Fibes Oh Fibes, I'm gonna write about them this weekend by the way :)