Friday, July 30, 2010

Hanna Stockzell - Gillar Du Mig

In terms of Stockholm Pride week when schlager is spread all over in the air and Swedish capital is overflowed with schlager-stars I should give you guys some fresh schlager-food that I've been missing quite long as this year Melodifestivalen left me (and I guess not only me) half-schlager-hungry.
Hanna Stockzell, ex-member of popular bubblegum-project (no, they're not Danish, it was just a step to Danish market although the band unexpectedly has made a big breakthrough in Japan), gave the world new amazing schlager-baby called "Gillar Du Mig", actually it's already more than 1-year-old child but I've just discovered it and was totally amazed from the first listen. It's a brilliant mix of Andreas Lundstedt's "Move" smelling electro-samples with dramatic verses blasting out with big schlager-chorus making listener think about some of Nina & Kim's and Shirley Clamp's greatest hits, beautiful and strong Hanna's vocal perfectly marks high level of this song. For the first time I didn't even believed that it's original track not performed before by some huge artist but it was for real and even more, Hanna wrote the song herself and she's in the process of work in producing center Team DiCaster, is involved as songwriter and singer in SVT's TV-show for kids and writes her own stuff not trying to get under any pressure and to go where her inspiration leads her. So if first Hanna's solo-steps are so impressive how far can her songwriting skills and future career grow? I hope quite far. You can check some other Hanna's songs on her facebook and myspace pages, sure it's different and not only schlager but it's all pop-stuff - ballads ("Lyft Mig Upp"), bubblegum-dance ("You've Been Kissing My Seth"), hope you'll enjoy it.

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Len W said...

Hanna is great, I discovered "Gillar Du Mig" through friends who posted it over at SwePop last year. I hope she keeps going in that direction.

Anonymous said...

great song! <\3

Poster Girl said...

I could listen to songs like this all day. Thanks for the tip!

Damian said...

That's right, Len, how cool would it be to get another great schlager from Hanna! Shame on me I discovered the song only now.

I still can be fascinated by such pop-stuff so much PG and I actually do :))