Saturday, July 3, 2010

Michaela de la Cour - HomoSapien

Michaela de la Cour doesn't need special presentation being one of Swedish music legends. Sure you know this blonde Army Of Lovers pop-queen breathing glamour and extravagance. After a long silence Michaela has started her comeback in 2009 with brand new pop-rock track "Back on Earth", self-ironic and sexual video and absolutely amazing mix from Adam Rickfors. How pleasant it was to get recently another new track from Michaela and this time it's amazing club track with filtered robo-vocals (in a manner of "Back on Earth") in electro-sound verses and refrain turning to a huge club-delight anthem. You can check sample of this track on Michaela's myspace as well.
UPD: In 2 days we've got the title "HomoSapien", full version of the song and the video and it's not less lovely in a full pack!

Talking about other Army of Lovers news. New project of Alexander Bard - Gravitonas announced few days ago that its first album is scheduled for September but already on August 18 we'll get "The Hypnosis EP" containing four tracks and new maxi-single "Religious" on August 25. Hope another new track "Shameless" I've been talking about little earlier will also be on this EP.

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