Sunday, July 18, 2010

Live collection of this week

Let's check what interesting we could watch this week in the biggest music tv-shows of Sweden. Yesterday we've got Sommarkrysset back but Lotta På Liseberg and Allsång På Skansen had a lot of interesting guests as well.
This time Lotta invited Swedish sweetheart Sanna Nielsen who performed her last single "Devotion" and new song "A Part Of Me" (that was presented earlier on Love Stockholm 2010 as "Sound Of Spring"), very pleasant work in Celine Dion direction of last Sanna's album. Another big public favorite Kalle Moraeus was singing his Melodifestivalen-hit "Underbart". Timo Räisänen who was also involved this year in after-show of Melodifestivalen performed his last single "Outcast". Watch whole show here.

Sanna Nielsen - Devotion
Sanna Nielsen - A Part Of Me
Kalle Moraeus - Underbart
Kalle Moraeus - My Nadine
Timo Räisänen - Outcast
Lotta Engberg - En sån karl

Allsång På Skansen this time presented 2 Top-5 finalists of Melodifestivalen - Timoteij and Darin. Darin gave stunning performance of his "You're Out Of My Life", new brilliant single "Lovekiller" and Lena Philipsson's cover "Kärleken är evig", it all was (not surprisingly) accompanied by screams of Darin's happily wild fans. Timoteij presented new single "Högt Över Ängarna", sure didn't forget about folk's beloved "Kom" and old song "Fjäril vingad syns på Haga". Other participating big names were Kikki Danielsson with her classic hit "Bra vibrationer" and new single "Let this light shine on me forever", ex-Rednex with new name Cotton Eye Joe Show, medley of their biggest hits and covers of "Ring Ring" and "Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms", Movits! with their own "Äppelknyckarjazz", "Fel Del Av Gården" and karaoke of "Fritiof och Carmencita", Olivia Stevens with some classic stuff and Christopher O'Regan. Watch whole programme here.

Darin - You're Out Of My Life
Darin - Lovekiller
Darin - Kärleken är evig
Timoteij - Kom
Timoteij - Högt Över Ängarna
Timoteij - Fjäril vingad syns på Haga
Kikki Danielsson - Bra vibrationer
Kikki Danielsson - Let this light shine on me forever
Cotton Eye Joe Show - Medley
Cotton Eye Joe Show - Ring Ring
Cotton Eye Joe Show - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Movits! - Fel Del Av Gården
Movits! - Äppelknyckarjazz + Fritiof och Carmencita
Olivia Stevens - Det börjar med ett glas champagne
Olivia Stevens - Vill ni se en stjärna?
Christopher O'Regan

And finally Sommarkrysset as usual came back with Melodifestivalen-2010 participants, this time Crucified Barbara were singing their hit "Heaven & Hell", schlager-veteran Anne-Lie Rydé performed Vikingarna's cover "Hallå" from her new released album "Dans På Rosor", Fibes Oh Fibes! with one of their hits "Lovechild" and two Scandinavian guests Rasmus Seebach from Denmark performed currently popular in Sweden track "Natteravn" and Norwegian duo Madcon tried to repeat Eurovision-flashmob with single "Glow" being on the top of many European charts this Summer after band's performance in Oslo. Programme was finished with another big Madcon's hit "Beggin'", band was joined by Magnus Carlson with Swedish version of this song titled "Jag ber dig". Watch whole show here.

Crucified Barbara - Heaven & Hell
Anne-Lie Rydé - Hallå
Fibes Oh Fibes! - Lovechild
Madcon - Glow
Rasmus Seebach - Natteravn
Madcon & Magnus Carlsson - Beggin'/Jag ber dig

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Hi Damian, but I'm starting to really love me Sweden!
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