Friday, July 2, 2010

Discovery of Viridiflora

Viridiflora (green rose) is pseudonim of Jessica Johansson - ex-vocalist of rock-band Convinced and currently indie-artist playing gentle melodic mix of soft electronic and pop-rock music. Jessica has left her work in band in the beginning of 00s and since that was experimenting on her own direction working very closed and finally letting her music out this year with debut single "High On You" that clearly pointed her style of melancholic electro-pop music with guitar sound, memorable tunes and beautiful vocal little similar to Titiyo's and Kosheen's Sian Evans' manner. Viridiflora started to work on promotion of her stuff inside of Sweden and in UK and right now she's releasing another single "Salute" - more synth-sounding and Kosheen-smelling work that already was noticed in iTunes chart. I'd like to also recommend you another beautiful petal of Viridiflora "I Bleed You Out" on her myspace, that is on the other hand shows her pop-rock-side in Dido-relaxing mood.

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