Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Glitter and glamour of Lotta på Liseberg

"Glitter and glamour". This was the theme of yesterday show Lotta på Liseberg and this time Lotta Engberg invited bunch of artists participating this year in summer tour Diggiloo - Alcazar, Jessica Andersson, Erik Linder, Lasse Holm, Morgan "Mojje" Johansson and others so all who can't visit Diggiloo show this year could see what they're missing. One of the brightest highlights of evening was schlager-medley of Melodifestivalen-2010, it was really nice to see Jessica Andersson singing song of her Second Chance rival Kalle Moraeus, Mojje singing Neo's "Human Frontier" with live arrangement and Alcazar and Erik Linder singing their own songs. Unfortunately Lina Hedlund couldn't perform, few days ago rehearsing she collapsed and due to problems with health connected with operation she went through this Spring Andreas and Lina had to perform without her. Jessica Andersson also performed her own Melodifestivalen entry "I Did It For Love" sounding and looking really fierce! Sure audience wasn't left without traditional karaoke with Lotta and participants, this time everyone could sing along After Dark's "La Dolce Vita", Lena Philipsson's "Dansa I Neon", Abba's "Dancing Queen", Herrey's "Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley", etc. You can watch whole show here.

Diggiloo-gänget - Melodifestival-medley
Jessica Andersson - I did it for love
Diggiloo-gänget - Relight my fire
Diggiloo-gänget - Jag diggar dej!
Madeleine Liljestam - Hurt
Mojje - Bananerna

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Sepriz said...

ahahaha Timotej's "Kom" very funny =)