Monday, July 19, 2010

Robyn - Hang With Me

Our beloved Poster Girl has just presented best news for today. Robyn's new single was aired on Radio 1 and the song is all kind of amazingness! It sounds like "Handle Me" melodics wrapped into "Dancing On My Own" sound. Great follow-up of the last single and comparing with "Dancing On My Own" this one sounds less tragic but not any less beautiful. The song (surprisingly for me) turned to be cover of Paola Bruna and you can hear original version on MuuMuse blog and convince yourself how far new version went from it. Earlier this year Robyn released acoustic version of this song on the first part of her trilogy "Body Talk Pt. 1" and on September 6th she plans to release new single along with the second part of "Body Talk".

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Paul said...

she IS beloved isn't she?! (Poster Girl)! As I just commented on her spiffy site, I think I quite like this and am belatedly liking Dancing On My Own. I've never been a huge Robyn fan, more of an appreciator from a far but that may be beginning to change :P

Prezzo said...

cool! I didn't know it was a cover...I'm seeing her Friday...I wonder if she'll play this version.

Poster Girl said...

Awww...thank you, Damian! Really.

It's beautiful, as you said. I hope the album has other songs equally as good.

Anonymous said...

hehe.. on my birthday... =)

Damian said...

Paul, PG is our pop-blog-princess, and it's a fact, yep, this is you PG, this is fantastic to be in your company guys, sure it's not totally live communication but I'm really glad you're with me at least virtually :)

Prezzo, hope you're satisfied with performance and has got the brightest emotions from concert :)

Oh how great to get a such music presents in birthday. Can I get please debut Gravitonas album and single from September for my birthday? :)