Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jasmine Kara - Try My Love Again

Can you imagine sweetness of Sibel, Anna Bergendahl and Pauline in one artist? That's what I discovered just a few days ago.
Jasmine Kara is a new artist, when she appeared on Love Stockholm 2010 with her new single "In The Basement" I thought that it's some foreign guest-artist, fast look at her Myspace page convinced me she is American and as the single didn't make a big impact on me, I turned my attention to other interesting moments of the festival. At the same time during Summer new Jasmine's songs were rolling around Swedish iTunes chart and now when Jasmine released new video for her another single "Try My Love Again" I've found out that she's actually artist with Swedish-Iranian roots who was born and grown in Sweden and though last years she tried to breakthrough in USA currently she builds career in Sweden and it promises to be successful. On July 28th Jasmine will release her album "Blues Ain't Nothing But A Good" in Sweden and right now you can check what she is about on her Myspace page. Mostly it's a retro blues-stuff, probably you'll find something similar with Christina A. style (because of loud strong vocal of Miss Kara as well).
Talking about "Try My Love Again" it's a verrry catchy piece of Summer, sounding poppier (even with some raggae-vibes) than "In The Basement", Jasmine shows herself like utterly nice person, full of life, energy and charm. That's what's totally buying me from the first look and listen and making Jasmine's performance at Allsång på Skansen in two weeks one of the most expected ones. Hope you'll like her too!

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