Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baron Bane - Sordid Eyes

Swedish mysterious electronic (or indietronical as they say) project Baron Bane is ready for release of new album.
Band exists already 7 years and all the time they were quite active writing new music and giving live performances not only in Sweden but across Europe staying all the time undeground artists though. Everything around Baron Bane is quite mystical and members try not to break this atmosphere and prove their uniqueness with original performances involving loads of various artists. They use to hide their faces under masks and tell people beautiful legend of how they found each other that you can read on their facebook page.
First time I've heard about Baron Bane was Metro On Stage contest that the band entered with their previous single "Love.Cures.All" that sounds like if Mylene Farmer would go down to a deep depressive electronic sound with her fragile vocals and beautiful meditative melodies making it quite accessible and loveable for both electronic and pop-fans. You can download full pack of mixes for "Love.Cures.All" on Baron Bane's official page for free.

Now before release of the second album Baron Bane surprisingly turned direction to show their comletely new side with the single "Sordid Eyes" that can be compared with a delicate web sewed from acoustic riffs, hunting beautiful female vocals and soft thoughtful keys in a light sadness feeling. Both singles prove that forthcoming album's gonna be quite esthetical and beautiful masterpiece. You can check some album's teasers on band's youtube channel as well.

Baron Bane - Sordid Eyes by BaronBane

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