Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ferró - Bailamos (on the Floor)

Artist who delievered one of the biggest Swedish pop-hits of 2007 - Valentino is back!
Ferat Amin has started his way in music back in 2003 when he entered a casting of popular tv-show Fame Factory. Earlier in school years he aimed to become football player but discovered huge music talent that has turned his way and pushed him to send demos to different labels and participate in castings. Luck didn't follow him on Fame Factory but finally releasing single "Hayati" mixing best traditions of Swedish pop and Eastern origin of Ferat (and by rumours reject of Melodifestivalen-2006) he's made big breakthrough entering Top-10 of singles-chart. Later he released another great single "What is Love" and disappeared for few years after that.

This year Ferat is back as Ferró with new single "Bailamos (on the Floor)" from not less than great team Jonas and Niklas von der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan who are responsible for amazing stuff for September, Nexx, Lucky Twice, Gathania, etc. that went so well in Europe last 5-6 years. "Bailamos (on the Floor)" contains all the brilliance of dance-stuff being released by this team - amazing tune, crazy dance beat and bassline that stuck in your head once and forever, with special Ferró's vocal and lyrics painting new image of Ferat as hot Argentinian caballero it works 200%. Hopefully soon this song will be another international hit from brothers von der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan.

Thanx to Poster Girl and scandipop for making me take a more attentive look at this song and find out the story behind it as unforunately there's no official site or webpage devoted to Ferró yet.

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Awesome dude! Love ur work