Monday, July 5, 2010

Mikey Mic - Swedish Girls

Did anyone tell you how extremely hot girls in Sweden? If you believe or not, it's a fact and you're gonna get a proof right now.
New face on the big club stage Mikey Mic makes its loud debut with a brilliant club track "Swedish Girls" providing utterly sexual video for it.
Mikey has Jamaican root but has managed to live in England and America finally finding his home in Sweden, as legend on his site says "a Swedish blonde with big breasts called Inga kidnapped him and forced him to move to this wonderful country and live in a kinky cage with her and three twin sisters", what a lucky guy! Starting investigating club field before moving to Sweden Mikey moved to a practice after arrival performing as a DJ with such stars like September, Busta Rhymes, David Guetta and Flo Rida. Finally he came to releasing his own stuff that you can check on his myspace or start right on this page with checking his new single "Swedish Girls" devoted to all the beauties Sweden overfilled with.

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