Sunday, July 31, 2011

Arash - Melody

New Arash's single "Melody" is out and you can not just download it for free on his site but even take part in his new video filming yourself singing along with this song.
Advert of this company deserves special atention containing Basshunter, Lovestoned's Emilie, Velvet and Keenan Cahill singing "Melody", you can watch it below.
Talking about the song - if you're our constant reader you can find it familiar and you'll be right as before it was released as "Josephine" by DJ Mendez earlier this year. Arash has made it more electronic and has brought his own Eastern vibes into it so hope he'll manage to make it summer hit before summer has gone.
Thanx for the tip to Ehsan and check for more information.

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