Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lena Philipsson - Nästa Säsong

This year that has started with disco-comeback of Lena Philipsson has turned quite active with loads of tv-performances, preparing new anniversary show (celebrating 25 years as an artist) and it's just a beginning for one of the most beloved pop-divas of Sweden.
Lena will release new album (that she worked on with Veronica Maggio, Christian Falk, Kleerup, Mauro Scocco and Markus Krunegård) already on November 30th and new sneak peek from it is single "Nästa Säsong" written by Björn Olsson (Håkan Hellström, Soundtrack of our Lives) and produced by Mattias Glavå (Anna Järvinen, Broder Daniel). Lena changes direction from disco this time as it's (like you could expect watching credits) is acoustic pop-ballad you can usually hear from some Swedish indie-pop artists.
Probably it's not what schlager-fans of Lena are gonna fall for directly but I'm sure it's right what Lena has to release to bring her back to Swedish audience.
Thanx for this interesting tip to Oswalds Popcorn.

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