Friday, September 9, 2011

Gravitonas - Lucky Star

New Gravitonas' single "Lucky Star" was premiered at Crimea Music Fest in Ukraine earlier this week, concert was broadcasted and we get a chance to check this track in a good quality right now.
If you think you know what you can expect from Gravitonas you'll be surprised as "Lucky Star" feels absolutely different comparing with previous band's (or any other Bard's projects) works. It's still pop, pop with a huge songwriter's attention to melody, it's much more acoustic then tracks on Gravitonas' earlier EPs, very dreamy but quite dynamic.
I can't directly say if this track will become band's big breakthrough in Sweden (though I really love it) but it sounds like what radio stations adore when it comes to internal artists so after big hit with "Everybody Dance" this song can attach Gravitonas to Russian market very well.
EP "Lucky Star" will be out on September 14th containing mixes from Niklas Pettersson, Adam Rickfors, SoundFactory and many others. Video is on the way and here you can check some pics from shooting.

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