Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh Laura - The Mess We Left Behind

Frida Öhrn is one busy woman this year, right after presenting the newest album of her latest project Cookies N Beans "Go Tell The World" that has entered Top-20 of Swedish chart she turns to the project that has made her famous faraway outside of Sweden.
Oh Laura, the band you absolutely should know by their 2007 hit "Release Me", has prepared a wonderful gift for their fans releasing double CD "The Mess We Left Behind" that will incude not just brand new songs but also collection of rarities - demo-records, live-versions and previously unreleased stuff. You'll be able to also find UK version of "Release Me" on it.
Band has unleashed a small album sampler where you can get a taste of everything out of this pack and it's definitely gonna be a beautiful record represented by the first single "California" - utterly pleasant summerish country song performed by Frida's special touching vocal.

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