Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dajana - Lala Love

We need to confess that we've fallen in lala love with the artist - from the first sight and from the first listen. I'd like to introduce you to Dajana Lööf and her new single "Lala Love".
Dajana is not the new public face in Sweden. She has started her career back in 2003 when she has taken participance in talents show Fame Factory with Simon Forsberg and Anders Fernette. Later she tried to find herself in music, it wasn't easy after Fame Factory with its schlager-obsessed producer Bert Karlsson who wanted Dajana to be a part of pop-project that had to become new Friends. Another producer wanted Dajana to look like Betty Davies, she was enthusiastic about any direction her destiny offered but that wasn't what she really wanted to be. So finally Dajana has turned her public activity to hosting tv-show and then has disappeared for a while.
Now Dajana's making comeback with new single "Lala Love" written with producing team KILLRON and the song feels like an amazing spring pop-soundtrack combining electro-flavoured arrangement with acoustic-based song into lovely sunny combination winning you by its warmth and careless sweet Dajana's vocal.
Brilliant debut and one of our biggest hopes of this year, you can check Dajana's performance at Bingolotto and studio-vesion of "Lala Love" below.

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