Friday, April 22, 2011

Agnetha Kjörsvik - Hero

I keep telling you about some exciting Melodifestivalen demos (though Melodifastivalen demo is always exciting thing, no matter if it sounds better or worse than final version) and this time I guess about one I couldn't even imagine we will ever hear because this song is due to my own opinion best Melodifestivalen song ever!
I'm talking about Charlotte Perrelli's "Hero" - winning song of Melodifestivalen-2008 written by Fredrik Kempe and Bobby Ljunggren. If you remember studio-version had 2 backing vocalists - Anna Nordell (who was left behind stage on Melodifestivalen) and Agnetha Kjörsvik (who was sent to Belgrade with Charlotte to sing behind the stage as well).
But probably you didn't know that it was Agnetha Kjörsvik (ex-vocalist of Freebee) who was singing on demo of "Hero" before Charlotte started working with it and the song has got Bassflow production, now you can listen to it yourself!
My opinion about this version - I love it!!! Sure, song wouldn't pretend to win without Petter Boström arrangement that turned it to schlager-heaven and Charlotte with all her attitude, story and personality in common, but when you heard track like thousand times it's definitely cool to look at this from completely different side with rockier sound and Agnetha's emotional, powerful and really beautiful vocal.

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