Saturday, April 23, 2011

Swedish House Mafia - Save The World

God bless Swedish House Mafia for not leaving Summer season without new club-anthem "Save The World".
Long time rumours were flowing about Miike Snow involved in creating this hit but seems like it's just a rumour as only name of singer John Martin is mentioned in vocal contribution and no word about Miike Snow in official info.
Back to the song. "Save The World" gets milder and calmer sound than previous Swedish House Mafia though it's still dancefloor-killer of the highest standard with melodics in combination with John Martin's vocal reminding Viktorious' "When We Were 10". Pretty trendy for this season, so give it some brilliant video and let the world's dancefloors be saved by this track this Summer.
For now it's just a radio-rip premiered yesterday on BBC radio but in quite high quality to enjoy it in full mode!

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Mika S said...

Hey Guys here is an amazing remix from Pierre Hubert :

Hope you will post it :)

Damian said...

Really cool mix! Shame they haven't put it on the single. Thanx for writing about it, Mika :)