Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Veronica Maggio - Mitt Hjärta Blöder

Veronica Maggio's long-awaited new album "Satan I Gatan" is getting release already on April 27th.
As it was previously announced album was produced by Christian Walz and if the first single "Jag Kommer" gave a slight hint of changing Veronica's sound from previous Oskar Linnros produced album to something closer to what we used to hear in Christian's songs new presented track "Mitt Hjärta Blöder" has exactly that sound you could expect from new Walz's work even containing his vocals. Mitt Hjärta Blöder is very positive pulsating track light-heartedly building up with relaxed Veronica's voice to completely euphoric chorus. Video of kissing old woman and young boy looks a bit provocative but I think actually it works, can't suppose if it has something with lyrics without reading text though.

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Geo said...

I don't know a heck about swedish, but this song caught me right there! Cannot stop listening to it!