Thursday, April 28, 2011

Those kites have made us fly...

Do you know what we celebrate today? One year since debut single of Gravitonas "Kites" has seen the light!
Gravitonas has become essential part of life and music interests for many Swedish pop-fans during last year. 10 amazing songs, 2 singles+upcoming "Everybody Dance" and 2 EPs, how much more can Gravitonas give us? I'm sure a lot and everything's just starting.
Let's celebrate this day with Gravitonas' performance of "You Break Me Up" at Bingolotto that they've done earlier this year but it has leaked on youtube only now.
By the way guys have just shot million dollar video for "Everybody Dance" in Moscow and due to Alexander it's gonna be really scandalous work that we'll be able to watch this June. You can check some photos from shooting video here.

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Vanilla sky said...

pleasant song ^_^