Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Negin - Unexpected

Nothing surprising if you didn't hear name of Negin Djafari before and ok if this name reminds you something. Negin is young songwriter from Göteborg who worked a lot for some well-known artists like Ola, Amy Diamond, Sertab, BoA, Anders Fernette (his MF-song "Run" was co-written with Negin as well), etc.
Right now Negin is pushing her career with the help of American dance label Robbins Entertainment (Cascada, September, Afrojack, Velvet, etc.) and new single "Unexpected" feels like real breakthrough and strong entry to fight for its promising future.
"Unexpected" sounds like a mixture of Scandinavian dance-pop blended with music of some European trance-acts like Ian Van Dahl on high energy level with soft Negin's vocal and light catchy piano-based chorus tune making track easy to catch and irresistible to fall in love with.

3 коммент.:

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :-)

Damian said...

Oh how cool that you've noticed article Negin!
Thank you for amazing release and keep on writing great music making Sweden proud of their musicians ;)

Anonymous said...

She looks like Jennifer Aniston. :D