Sunday, April 17, 2011

Basshunter vs Big Brother - Fest i Hela Huset

Blog is coming back after weekend pause when I had no Internet thanx to my lovely provider who gave me opportunity to spend time cleaning my hard drive turning pretty chaotic in the last few years and ocassionaly falling in love once again with Basshunter's "Saturday" that surprisingly hasn't become proper huge international hit but still was pretty big locally for example in Russia.
So definitely I was excited to see news from Basshunter right when I've come back.
Spending crazy scandalous time on UK Big Brother Jonas turns his head to homeland version but not as participant. Basshunter has produced official single for Big Brother in Sweden, it's called "Fest i Hela Huset", it's a classic Basshunter and it sounds like amazing ring to wake you up in the beginning of new working week so come one sleeping beauties, here we go!

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