Sunday, April 10, 2011

KingQueen - La La Land

Today I'd like to introduce you to relatively new artist but with pretty strong debut pretending to become really qualitative bid for international breakthrough with the help of another artist you should know well if you read this blog constantly.
Sabrina Petrini known under artistic name KingQueen presents release of her new single "La La Land" featuring Lazee and video for it is already out, at the same time album "La La Land" is coming out as well.
KingQueen was born in Helsingborg and lived there until 20 when she has decided to move to UK and later to US to improve her professional skills and find sources of inspiration for her further music career and in 2009 she has made debut with singles "Luv Drug" and "U Make Me (LOL)". It has taken less than 2 years before her album was ready to see the light and it has turned to be inflammable mixture of electro, rock and urban vibes on heavy aggressive pop-steroids. Is it too much? At least not every pop-star is brave enough to get so uncomprising but that's why KingQueen is here.
Below you can check current KingQueen's single and even to get a sneak peek of what her album "La La Land" is about, check it, it's really promising discovery of the season.

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