Monday, April 11, 2011

Brandur - The Illusion Of (video)

Firstly I told you about snippet of new Brandur's single "The Illusion Of" coming back as electropop-hero having actually nothing with that good guy singing blues we heard on his latest works, then we've finally got full single that completely hasn't disappointed us (how could fresh A-Ha inspired pop-stuff disappoint when high quality professionals like Maria Marcus are involved?), now video for new single is out and we're back with news about it again!
Well, I really like idea of words running over Brandur's face, old book effect and black and white swans (though black one looks like raven? I'm really bad in ornithology, sorry!) fighting for a piece of topless Brandur, there's too much of symbolism to understand it from the first sight so I'll check it one more time and you can also right below.

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