Friday, April 8, 2011

Sanna Nielsen - I'm In Love (SoundFactory mixes pack)

One of the most respectable Melodifestivalen DJs SoundFactory delivers mix-treatment for the latest Sanna Nielsen's hit "I'm In Love".
Previously SoundFactory has already made mixes for Sanna's "Empty Room" and "Vågar Du, Vågar Jag" and now when Sanna's back SoundFactory equips her with fresh bunch of mixes that you can listen here.
Comparing to other previous SoundFactory mixes this one gets more electronic but still pretty recognizable for him with all the right accents and schlager-culmination on the place that is a good thing as his works have become some sort of Christmas schlager-tree - they just had to appear for one or two melosingles otherwise this MF season won't be complete.

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Paul said...

utterly stunning and you can buy it in the UK! TOTAL BONUS :)