Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vincent - The Moment I Met You

Last winter one of our most inspiring and beloved Swedish artists - Vincent Pontare has announced his comeback with brand new single "Baby Hurricane" marking new direction of Vincent's style. A bit unexpected turn from expressive direct reggae-pop sound to more special and magic maybe not to get open from the first listen but still obviously quite beautiful. Now we can listen to the second single "The Moment I Met You" and it's another proof of global Vincent's sound renovation.
"The Moment I Met You" continues direction of that happy but misterious melodic half-guitar half-electronic pop armed with skillful tune and really special atmosphere - probably the most valuable thing when we talk about Vincent's music.

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Alexchris123 said...

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Paul said...

i prefer this to his previous sound. I'm hoping it will be a big hit for him. Plus he's looking dangerously alluring in the photo :P

Damian said...

By the way as I see this new song is received by audience with more interest so I really hope we'll hear more from Vincent this Summer.