Monday, April 25, 2011

Saade's trace in Russia

Since massive Charlotte Perrelli's promo-tour in 2008 Sweden doesn't seem to put loads of efforts in flying across Europe to promote its song for Eurovision to other countries before the contest.
This year wasn't exception but however Eric Saade couldn't refuse to visit Russia having quite active programme of interviews and visits to a few tv-shows. Though Eric hasn't managed to get to popular Stars Factory show (that would be amazing possibility being shown on main country's channel) he has performed "Popular" at Armenian Music Awards and at Sunday show "Central TV".
Both performances were done with playback but looked quite well with Melodifestivalen choreography, here you can check both.

5 коммент.:

Fire said...

this dancer has no voice at all.

Paul said...

ooo how blooming exciting. am loving the internationalising of Eric :)

Anonymous said...

you can check out my new mashups!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's good that he doesn't make such effort in his promo-tour. He hasn't got the strongest voice, therefore very smart to save it for eurovision!

Damian said...

Thank you man, I've already noticed your new uploads, really like all of your mashups! Will write about Popular mix :) "Hold it against me" would be the last I thought would fit "Popular" but it really does :)