Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wrethov - We Can't Stop

This May we presented to you Anderz Wrethov with single "Runaway" that turned to become success peaking at #12 position of Swedish chart, Anderz being Swedish real hit-machine is ready for a new music stuff and you can find some cool pop-pieces on his youtube-channel.
Choice of next single isn't clear yet but "We can't stop" sounds like the most obvious single choice for us - energetic pop-song based on electric guitars, hard rhythm and anthemic backing vocals woking great with Anderz' rock-voice. But it's difficult not to fall for "Always" - beautiful euro-ballad growing to massive stadium rock song, "I'm ready" - heartful modern ballad with r'n'b-beat and touching feeling of light sadness, "Is this love" - dynamic pop-track wrapped in 90s eurodance-synths and guitar riffs with nice hook and catchy chorus and finally more electrified "Let the beat go on" another outstanding track decorated with great baseline, tasty modern production and repetetive chorus stuck in your head from the first listen. Don't miss this great stuff, tomorrow any of these songs can become next Anderz' hit.

3 коммент.:

Myfizzypop said...

why do i never know about these exciting new acts?! Grrr. Thanks for the tip off, i'm having a whale of a time listening now :)

Lena Mormorlena said...

Man kan inte låta bli att ryckas med i "Can't Stop". Härligt Anderz!

Damian said...

I'm with you to let you know about them Paul ;) This is really worthy pop-stuff to be discovered, hope you'll like Anderz' music.

Du är rätt Lena, jag hoppas att det kan bli nya Anderz singeln jättemycket.