Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nanne - Nag

Only one year has passed after release of the latest Nanne's album "En Rastlös Själ" - another successful Top-10 record supported by singles "Otacksamhet", "I natt är jag din" and "En rastlös själ".
This autumn Nanne's back with a new compilation "My Rock Favourites" - tribute to the most significant rock bands and songs, you can hits of AC/DC, Kiss, Ramones, Rainbow and Rod Stewart among others in tracklist.
First sneak peek from the album is Joan Jett's "Nag" released as a single and containing another album's track Sham 69's "If The Kids Are United" hinting at what we should expect from rock-Nanne and surprisingly it's not miles away from pop-Nanne rocking at her previous album. Though after multiple participation in Melodifestivalen Nanne has got a schlager-label she's not gonna erase these covers show quite well her rockier side that always played a big part in forming her music image but didn't get a proper emphasis. Both tracks sounds pretty 80s, punky in 80s way with all that uncontrollable life loving Nanne's energy and expression that was constantly winning huge audience in Sweden through all these years.
Update: video is not on Youtube anymore so you should check snippet of "Nag" on Nanne's Facebook page.

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lamire said...

I don't feel that much with "Nag" but It will grow on me. and "If The Kids Are United" sounds great, really my type. Can't wait for album.