Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kevin Borg - Unstoppable

Since Idol-2008 winner Kevin Borg dance comeback with summer single "Sunrise" earlier this year we were wondering if it was some radical permanent turn of his music style or, if not, where he'll move further, we didn't have to wait too long as the next single "Unstoppable" is already out and you can check it right now.
New single was released in cooperation with Breast Cancer Foundation and Kevin has recorded it with Pitchtunes, it's a big Ryan Tedder-esque ballad that could be a huge hit performed as Idol-winning song so let's see what will happen when it'll be released by the artist who has already won the contest.
Currently Kevin plays in Grease musical and plans particapting in Christmas show Ijuletid, no time to get bored.

2 коммент.:

lamire said...

Great Song! but he doesn't have album releasing plan, right? sad!

Damian said...

Unfortunately no releasing plans but Kevin constantly records new stuff so it's just a matter of time.