Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eddie Razaz - You

Eddie Razaz keeps teasing us with upcoming music stuff he prepares with some big names of Swedish pop and now we've even got exciting news about Darin being involved in writing new Eddie's track "Let Me In". Can it be not exciting?
However this time we've got something real to feel vibes of Eddie's upcoming music - new track "You" produced by Pitchtunes and if you've especially fallen for Eddie's dance-side during his short but loud career in Rebound you're not gonna be disappointed as "You" sounds quite Rebound style with less r'n'b influences, delicious dance production and big catchy chorus melodically slightly breathing with 90s smash-trend that undoubtedly is going to work in a pack with modern electronic arrangement and Eddie's special vocal nowadays. Quite awesome sneak peek before official new releases to follow very soon!

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