Monday, October 17, 2011

Adrian Lux feat. The Good Natured – Alive

You never know when you'll get a new smash from Adrian Lux which can be a new single, mix or collaboration on a new project but the fact is that Adrian is constantly near to come up with something fresh and this time it's his new single "Alive" that he was working on with British The Good Natured getting band's vocalist Sarah McIntosh on a vocal duty.
"Alive" is much trancey record than previous Adrian's singles, clubby layers and lighter tune leaves not that much place for melancholic deep atmosphere of his latest works but keeps all the beauty and aesthetics there. Below you can check preview of the single.

Update: radio-version of the song was just presented and it contains awesome Kesha-smelling pop-verses wonderfully switching with dance-oriented choruses!

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