Monday, October 17, 2011

Nexx & Matt Hewie feat. Marius Nedelcu - Put Your Hands

Seems like we didn't get new releases from Nexx for ages, the wait is over, new single "Put Your Hands" is out to hit Russia and Poland first and it's collaboration of a band with another East-European star - Marius Nedelcu (ex. Akcent) and Matt Hewie that you should rememeber by recent work with Pandora ("You Believed").
"Put Your Hands" sounds like nothing Nexx released before, you won't find any sign of von der Burg influences of their previous album but it's a big club feelgood track with refreshing tune and lovely vocals of Marius and new Nexx vocalist working very well.

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Anonymous said...

Marius was kicked out from Akcent group because he couldn't get on time to concerts.And his vocals are not lovely because he can't sing!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a good disco track:

Damian said...

Oh, I llllllllove it!!! Thanx!
Didn't expect Ronan will ever perform this song (that was one of my faves of that year) himself.
Nice mix and schlageristic performance, maybe Ronan should try enter the competition?

Anonymous said...

ya, he should try...and not making to the final:))