Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Agnes - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Niclas Kings Remix)

Stunning Agnes comeback single "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" gets release of mixes pack from Niclas Kings (we've been missing Niclas's productions quite long but recently were glad to get him back with fantastic mix of Eurovision winning song "Running Scared" you should immediately check).
Back to "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - we'd better call Niclas Kings mix Niclas Kings version not changing track a lot but putting in on club-steroids bringing extra-dynamic dance-beat to verses and Kate Ryanesque trance layers in choruses. Great work!

2 коммент.:

kevin (ru) said...

Скандипоп украл новость прямо с роликом из Рутьюба ;)

Damian said...

Я не жадный :))) Коли живем во многом одной и той же музыкой и артистами.