Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First semifinal of Webjoker-2012

Melodifestivalen race for the song from unsigned fresh artist is back.
This year channel has chosen 32 songs (you can find full contest list here and first semifinal entries here) and presents them by 8 every week, audience will choose their winner-finalist and SVT will also select another one.
First bunch of songs has shown that SVT has chosen quite qualitative and pretty different by genres entries like it had to be. Though from the first listen we can't say we're so in love with any like we did with "Don't Stop" or Fredrik och Magnus entries. We have The Poodles/H.e.a.t. 80ies rock "All Day All Night", Sonya Alden/Shirley Clamp schlager-ballad "I mina drömmar", electro-pop dancey "How About You?", pop-rock "Set Me Free", atmospheric acoustic pop "Your Majesty", slightly r'n'b/jazz-breathing pop-ballad "Wish You Luck" but the one we've fallen for real is Greek Eurovision-feeling "Catch Me" from Maria Klemetrud (upgrade it a bit in studio and it would be everything Helena Paparizou would need to bring eurofans interest back) and another song winning us slowly is light singer/songwriter track "Seven Years" from Flying Kite - utterly pleasant piece of European pop.
What do you think about entries? Who's your favorite?

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