Monday, October 17, 2011

Third semifinal of Webjoker-2012

We've got two more finalists of Webjoker-2012 - "A Heartbeat Away" and "Beautiful Love" - we really like both of them but feel sorry about "What If" not qualifying, we've finally fallen for it the most but there are just two spots and we're looking for our new faves of the contest.
New semifinalists are already published (Chris Mhina with "No Games" was replaced by "Jag kommer ut" because author had some tracks commercially released before) and our biggest fail was to listen Never Alone's "Marilyn Monroe" the first - what a song!!! What a hit! It's just head and shoulders above everything else in this contest, modern electropop-song melodically in a vein of "Like Suicide" that could easily be on a new album of Salem al Fakir or Christian Walz and to top Swedish chart, good vocals, cool production, catchy text, amazing tune and even key-change, full pack that is ready for the final of Melodifestivalen, wow-wow-WOW!!! That was really hard to judge all the rest after but I should also mention light "Fångad Av en Stormvind" meets "E de fel på mig" schlager "Jag kommer ut" that I'd be interested to see performed in the final of webjoker but it's all about "Marilyn Monroe" for me and I'll be incredibly surprised if it won't be as well for Swedish televoters.

Never Alone - Marilyn Monroe
Madeleine Ericson - On the Top of the Mountain
Fredrik Sjöstedt - She Is Love
Elin Jakobsson - I Didn't Wanna Say Goodbye
Vilda - Songbird
San Francisco - Jag kommer ut
Olle Andersson - Dance It All Away
Caroline Coquard - Ingenting, ingen

Update: look what an amazing cover of "Save The World" by Never Alone I've found on their Facebook page. Isn't it just fantastic?!!

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