Saturday, October 22, 2011

Those random songs

Celebrating weekend I've got a bunch of some nice dance tracks for you I was missing to mention by some weird occasions but later is definitely better than never so here we go.
DJ crew Those Random Boys from Gothenburg earlier this year has presented lovely club filler "Lovin' U Everyday" featuring Niklas Von Arnold and breathing both with The Attic and Sunblock summerish dance vibes. My pop-heart would like to get more of vocal in this track but I still really like this bright atmosphere in it.

Seems like I never heard any Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" remake that I could call not really successful and this is not exception.
DJs Niko Bellotto and Erik Holmberg have released their version of this world hit getting pack of mixes (by Alesso among others).

And finally new single "Sex You" from Marcus Zeta and Albin Loán that was released earlier this month with Albin and Amanda Berggren on vocals. Dance feelgood track flirting with Taio Cruz pop-trend and loud synth layers.

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Paul from Scotland said...

Thank you so much for posting this clip. I'd never heard of Son Of A Kid and now I think I'm completely obsessed with them.

So great to have this blog for people outside Sweden who otherwise would never get to hear such amazing music.

Damian said...

Thanx so much for your kind words, Paul! :)
Hope you'll get loads of nice discoveries here!
Regarding Son Of A Kid don't miss their soundcloud page, project has delivered loads of brilliant tracks you're gonna love if you've fallen for "Destroy, Destroy".