Friday, October 21, 2011

Earpony - Jag e frågan du e svaret

For all who's missing news from Salem al Fakir lately we've got a good and bad ones! Which one should we start from?
Ok, let's start from positive one - Salem's back with a new project Earpony and new single "Jag e frågan du e svaret" is already out. Earpony is Salem's duo with Pontus de Wolfe and at least lead vocal part on the first track belongs to him and here we start not that positive side of news.
"Jag e frågan du e svaret" is quite typical Swedish indie-pop of last years in a vein of Oskar Linnros or this year's Vincent's experiments and this idea was initially aimed for nothing but success, the problem is that Pontus' vocal either lacks proper charm and uniquness of Vincent's or Salem's voices or absolutely doesn't work with this sort of music. I do like melody and lyrics is quite catchy but it needs a full pack. Probably you'll have another opinion about new Earpony's song though, check it yourself.

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Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

I was delighted to read this post and agree with it 100%.

When I saw Salem and Pontus perform this on the Rockbjörnen at the end of August I was totally disappointed. Why? For the same reason that you are disappointed - Pontus' voice is the weakest link in this song. The studio version is a bit better, but the result is still a disappointment.

Hopefully it won't be too long till Salem's making his own music and we get to hear him singing again.

Damian said...

I still don't give up on a project completely, after that performance I didn't expect a lot from studio version but has also found it sounding better so hope they'll understand it. Single doesn't make a big noise in sales so it's gonna be a sign.