Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Snöblind - Godmorgon Sverige

Jesus! I haven't heard such an awesome alternative hit from Swedish artist since Cheiron worked with Lambretta and Prime STH!
Härnösand band Snöblind recently premiered debut single "Kan Själv" produced with not less than Shellback - constant collaborator of Max Martin, vocalist Jim Almgren previously played guitar in Carolina Liar heavily supported by Max's hits so work with Shellback wasn't surprising and we quite liked the result exploring success formula of Carolina Liar's rock mixing introvert vocal with a good pop-hook.
New single "Godmorgon Sverige" once again produced by Shellback sounds absolutely incredible. Max Martin's rock-side melodic influence, top-class arrangement and awesome exploding tune have initially left me wondering why not to translate it to English and not to try to break through outside of Sweden but after a few listens I think it's just as good and catchy as it is and doesn't need anything else to get more brilliant so meet new Snöblind's single and godmorgon, världen!

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