Monday, October 10, 2011

Second semifinal of webjoker-2012

"I mina drömmar" and "All Day All Night" have become first finalists of webjoker race for a ticket to Melodifestivalen-2012. Not our faves but we wish them good luck, still we're upset to see "Catch Me" third, this song deserved final the most.

Earlier this week SVT has disqualified 4 entries for being published before contest's start:
Trison - Set Me Free (1st sf)
My Niece - Mary Doesn't Care (3rd sf)
Albin Loán - Stars Might Shine (3rd sf)
My Niece - Fine (4th sf)

All of them except Trison were replaced by:
Fredrik Sjöstedt - She Is Love (3rd sf)
Chris Mhina - No Games (3rd sf)
Ricky och Ronny - Kärleken ler (4th)

We were absolutely shocked and glad seeing amazing new artist Chris Mhina (we were talking about just recently) in this list, his song "Last Dance" could be one of our favorites in the contest with a quality much higher than webjoker contest supposes.

Right now we can already listen to the second semifinal's songs and what do we have here?
Keylas this time have much better entry "For the Win" starting with Robyn's "Indestructible"-smelling intro and going to light electro-disco sport anthem. David Nestander has really charming warm soundtrack ballad "Beautiful Love". Elin Jakobsson's "I'm Yours" is minimalistic nice jazzy entry. "A Heartbeat Away" is big emotional power-ballad that sounds a bit too screaming but the song itself is really beautiful.
Another act has surprised us a lot, I mean Nordic Shine - not because of vocalist Stefan Lebrot's father has written Eurovision-1983 winning song but because of Kasper Lindgren - Prime STH ex-drummer who was working with Ace Of Base, Elena Paparizou, Camilla Brinck, Ana Johnsson and Dead By April and we use to fall for almost everything he works on. Boys participate with dramatic rock-song having theatrical feeling and a bit Chris Cornell sounding vocal. You can find some other stuff of Nordic Shine here.

Sören Karlsson - Se mig som jag är (om du ser)
Keylas - For the Win
Kajsa Ingemansson - Kitchen Floor
Greta - Through the Fire
David Nestander - Beautiful Love
Elin Jakobsson - I'm Yours
A Heartbeat Away
Nordic Shine - What If

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