Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joachim Bergström feat. Petra Marklund - Feel Like Makin’ Love

Though we can't tell you anything optimistic about new September's stuff coming soon (Petra's crusade for a new hits to UK and USA has just started and the last album needs loads of promotion to be done outside of Sweden) you can enjoy some rare Petra's goodies released on other artists' albums that I bet you didn't know about.
Back in 2007 Petra has joined Joachim Bergström and Magnus Lindgren on a record of album "You’d Better Love Me" to sing Roberta Flack's cover "Feel Like Makin’ Love" in a duo with Joachim. Result has turned to an utterly pleasant intimate jazz track with voices of both artists softly curling around each other in a peaceful atmosphere created by live band music. If you've shamelessly missed this release like we have, check right below.

Feel like making love

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