Monday, October 24, 2011

Hard times of Idol winners

Times use to be really hard for Idol-winners in a search of their unique music path few years after their victories. Seems like Agnes is still the only ex-Idol winner who manages to keep releasing new hits without big breaks between albums.
Markus Fagervall who has won Idol year after Agnes currently lives in trailer to take courses of cooking in Umeå that has recently caused a big buzz in media. After breaking up with a girl few years ago he has also lost inspiration in music, travelling three months in Asia, playing music on the streets of Paris - nothing has helped him so Markus is still in a crisis and we hope he'll find a way out soon, he's able to write quite solid pop-rock stuff like for example "For Once" from his debut album that is still one of our favorite songs.
Another Idol winner Daniel Lindström from the first season currently works on bringing his career back with a recent single "I Know Nothing" he has performed live on Bingolotto recently. You can now check it below with his another old song "Still Holding On".

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