Sunday, October 9, 2011

Very important friends of Kalle Moraeus

We've lost a track of the latest episodes of "Moraeus med mera" that had more than worthy line-ups all the time though. Today Andreas Johnson and Tove Styrke performing their latest singles couldn't leave us silent so here are the most interesting performances of the last month from Sanna Nielsen, Charlotte Perrelli, Daniel Adams-Ray, Serenades, Lisa Misovsky, BAO singing ABBA-classics and Veronica Maggio performing with Benny Andersson.

Andreas Johnson - Buzzin
Andreas Johnson - Sing For Me
Andreas Johnson & Kalle - Glorious akustisk
Adam Tensta - Scared Of The Dark
Tove Styrke - Call My Name
Tove Styrke - Society
Sanna Nielsen och Kalle Moraeus - The Prayer
Sanna Nielsen - I'm In Love
Charlotte Perrelli - Tusen och en natt
Charlotte Perrelli - Mr Kelly
Daniel Adams-Ray - Gubben i lådan
Daniel Adams-Ray - Lilla Lady
BAO - Thank you for the music
BAO - Allt syns när man är naken
Serenades - Birds
Veronica Maggio - Alla mina låtar
Veronica Maggio med Benny Andersson - Snälla bli min
Lisa Miskovsky och Kalle - Alright
Lisa Miskovsky - Some Of Us

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