Sunday, September 4, 2011

Idol-2011 starts today!

Our second favorite Swedish TV-show after Melodifestivalen - Swedish Idol starts today and we're excited as we always are!
We can't call last season very successful, after Jay Smith and Minnah Karlsson have released post-Idol albums with their covers we've got only two singles from ex-participants - Olle Hedberg's "Wonderful" and Linnea Henriksson "Väldigt kär/Obegripligt ensam" but this year jury has changed - we've lost Andreas Carlsson and have got Alexander Bard and Pelle Lidell instead so we're sure policy of selecting participants will be changed and we're gonna get a bunch of new interesting talents.
We'd like to celebrate start of the new season with absolutely best performance of Idol-2010 that still keeps us inspiring and gives goosebumps. Track that was nothing but nice pop-song for us has turned to a real masterpiece!

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Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Of course I'm very excited too, but I don't watch the auditions and wait until the Friday-finals stage before I'll start watching. Hoping that this series brings contestants with the quality of Linnea or Olle. Most of all I'm hoping that the eventual winner will have a long and successful career, which hasn't really happened with the Idol winners over recent years.

Damian said...

We're hardcore Idol-followers with you Laura :)
I'm gonna watch auditions, maybe they give even more goosebumps moments to me than Friday concerts.
I really hope that jury now will stop supporting rock-vocalists, show really needs loads of special - maybe not with so strong voices but special vocalists otherwise it'll get to a deeper crisis than it was lately.