Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kalle Moraeus and his guests

We've got a new music tv-show "Moraeus med mera" at SVT, artists visit Kalle Moraeus singing their (and not only) hits with a live band and it feels...well, at least original, we didn't expect "In The Club" to go as folk as it sounded.
it's not gonna be too much about pop-goodies but fans of Scendinavian folk-atmosphere should be definitely pleased.
First episode's guests were Danny with his own latest singles, Danish singer Mads Langer, one and only Jill Johnson with new song "While You're Sleeping" and Hammerfall.

Danny - Tonight
Danny, Jill, Joacim, Mads & Kalle - Beatrice
Kalle Moraeus - Hjortingens Polka
Mads Langer - Microscope
Jill Johnson - While You're Sleeping
Danny och Kalle - In The Club
Jill Johnson & Joacim Cans - Alone
Hammerfall - B.Y.H

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