Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Music pieces of Stockholm Pride-2011

Schlagerkvällen-2011 (big annual schlager-gala on August Stockholm Pride's week) wasn't the most fantastic in years, you can read review of Schlagerprofilerna's Ronny here and English translation on Schlagerfiasko.
Personally we wouldn't be too excited about this concert too but if we'll take a look at the whole week there was a lot of performances and involved artists that we'd really like to see.
Unfortunately there's a huge lack of qualitative videos on youtube this year (if you're ok with it you can find some Alcazar, Sanna, Shirley's Angels, Jenny Silver, etc. performances) so I've chosen just two of enjoyable quality and interesting songs we were talking about recently. To be more exact live premiere of Man Meadow's single "Eaten Alive" (nice to see that band is back on track in a great shape) and performance of amazing Glorious Inc's "Dance or Die".

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